Thursday, April 2, 2015

RE. Queries for WITCH HOUSE Submissions

I've had several people contact me via my blog about whether their submissions for Dreams from the Witch House had been safely received.

As blog comments don't necessarily give me the writer's name/pseudonym, or an email address, these queries are hard for me to follow up on.

Please send all queries to: junonite AT gmail DOT COM

There are only a few submission notifications left to send out.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

“We all float down here!”

Just when you thought you'd finally conquered your clown phobia, they go and decide to remake IT.

And Cary Fukunaga is directing it. 

This will end us ALL.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dreams from the Witch House: UPDATE

The Indiegogo campaign for ''Dreams from the Witch House: Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror" has come to a mega-successful end, thanks to all of your amazing support for the project. With your help, not only were we able to reach our initial goal of $17 000, we extended the campaign beyond three extra stretch goals which, frankly, is outstanding and by default renders everyone who supported us outstanding, too. The final total raised was $28 747.

Here is a quick breakdown of the unlocked stretch goals:

UNLOCKED - Stretch Goal ($22,000) - All interior illustrations by artist Daniele Serra will be created and printed in full color in the book.

UNLOCKED - $23,500 (stretch goal) - Artist Daniele Serra creates another color illustration which will only appear in campaign-exclusive editions of the ebook, trade paperback and digital art book + All campaign funders receive HD Dreams from the Witch House digital art book.

UNLOCKED - $25,000 (stretch goal) - Daniele Serra's artwork will be incorporated into the design of the book with spot illos, chapter headings and design elements + all campaign backers receive $10 in store credit on

The final collection will be something truly special. Take a moment, imagine it. Am I right? Keep your eyes peeled for updates via the campaign page.

There are a lot of people to thank for the success of the campaign. In addition to everyone who backed the project, I want to extend my special thanks to Chris Morey and everyone at Dark Regions Press for their hard work. Furthermore, all the writers involved in the project, who have not only sent me some fantastic stories, but also reposted links and updates. Daniele Serra, whose work is truly something special. Also S.T. JoshiJason V. BrockDouglas DraaRue Morgue and Mike Davis.

I think we can now safely dispatch of two silly notions: (a) women don't write Lovecraftian fiction; (b) readers are not interested in reading Lovecraftian fiction written by women.


Kthxbai and Ftaghn to you all.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I am happy to announce that S.T. Joshi and I have finalised the TOC for GOTHIC LOVECRAFT, and it's a doozy!

  • Donald R. Burleson, “The Shadow over Lear”     
  • Don Webb, “The Revelation at the Abbey”
  • CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan, “As Red As Red”
  • Jonathan Thomas, “Old Goodman Brown”
  • Lois H. Gresh, “Square of the Inquisition”
  • Mollie L. Burleson, “A Yuletide Carol”
  • John Shirley, "The Rime of the Cosmic Mariner"
  • Donald Tyson, “Curse of the House of Usher”
  • Mark Howard Jones, “The Rolling of Old Thunder”
  • Nancy Kilpatrick, “Always a Castle?”
  • Robert S. Wilson, “Four Arches”
  • Gwyneth Jones, “The Old Schoolhouse”
  • Orrin Grey, “Dream House”
  • Lynda E. Rucker, “The Unknown Chambers"

The anthology will be published by Cycatrix Press later in 2015. Watch this space!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015



Edited by Lynne Jamneck

Join us for the January 27th Indiegogo campaign launch of our new anthology project Dreams from the Witch House: Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror featuring Joyce Carol Oates, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Lois Gresh and others. If the campaign reaches its funding goal every story will feature an original illustration by artist Daniele Serra.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dreams from the Witch House: Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror

I'm delighted to present the wraparound cover art by Daniele Serra for the Dreams from the Witch House anthology:

Is it not gorgeous?

Make sure you follow Dark Regions Press of Facebook for all the latest updates on the collection, including news about the Indiegogo campaign launching soon!